Accident at Dangerous Point Loma Intersection March 2nd Leaves Two Seriously Injured

March 2, 2015

This morning a father and his infant son were seriously injured in Point Loma. It appears the family was crossing the street in a marked crosswalk when a vehicle turned onto Cañon from Catalina and struck the father and stroller. Both were rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries. The vicinity of this intersection has proved to be particularly dangerous with 78 other accidents reported by NBC San Diego.

There is nothing to suggest alcohol or other distractions like texting while driving were in play. So what causes these serious accidents? Unfortunately, there is some evidence to suggest the design of the roadway itself may be partially to blame. Neighbors mentioned the visibility issues and noted they avoid using the crosswalk out of fear.

Other San Diego residents also voiced their opinion in the comments section of NBC San Diego's story that the crosswalk is dangerous for pedestrians and for drivers, stating that northbound traffic from Catalina on to Cañon comes without proper warning and at high speeds, not allowing the driver to see "2 seconds ahead". Another said: "The city should eliminate this crosswalk or put a traffic light there. It's far too dangerous for foot traffic to cross."

If it is found the location of the crosswalk invites pedestrians to cross at a dangerous location, then the City of San Diego or any other municipality which played a role is creating this hazard could be liable to the family for the harms they suffered in the accident.

We hope for the health and recovery of the two victims of this tragedy and that attention to pedestrian safety will be paid by the City to this and other dangerous locations.