"Check Before You Step" Campaign

June 18, 2012

The alarming rise in traffic collisions involving Pedestrians has pushed the California Highway Patrol to raise awareness of their "Check Before You Step" campaign. It seems specifically in El Cajon there has been a noticeable increase in Pedestrian related accidents. The El Cajon police department held a community forum to discuss the dangers of distracted driving. Even though the cause of the Pedestrian related accidents may vary, it can be suspected that distracted drivers or possibly a distracted pedestrian, is a top cause.   Police Department spokeswoman Monica Zech said "It's a combination of people who aren't following laws, stepping into the street against lights, jaywalking and texting. We've had pedestrian fatalities, people hit and killed. We had a guy stepping off curb, texting on his phone that stepped right in front of a vehicle. We see it as a huge problem and the traffic division of the department wants to do something about this." Brian Pennings is a  El Cajon-based California Highway Patrol Officer refers to this danger as being "intexticated."

The purpose of this campaign is to remind drivers and pedestrians to look both ways, put down your phone, be a aware and take responsibility for your safety as well as the safety of others. Police Officers throughout San Diego County are keeping a close eye on jaywalking, as well as phone use while operating a motor vehicle. Please listen to this reminder and always check before you step, and stay within crosswalk boundaries. Pedestrians do have rights whether they are inside the lines of the crosswalk or out, however it is always best to play it safe and stay within the line of the designated pedestrian crosswalks.

{Source: UT San Diego}