Colossal Class Action Related to Pelvic Mesh Complications

October 22, 2012

According to a recent ABC news article , Johnson and Johnson is now facing what some lawyers believe will be Australia's largest product liability class action. This massive class action was filed on October 15, on behalf of numerous women who are suffering from complications related to transvaginal pelvic mesh. Pelvic mesh is a product that can be inserted surgically to treat incontinence, or to provide internal organ support. It has provided relief to some, but for others has had far greater debilitating consequences than ever anticipated.

The Australian lawsuit is being led by lead plaintiff Julie Davis, who apparently suffered devastating reactions to the pelvic mesh. Common activities such as walking and sex allegedly became too painful. Forced to use a mobility scooter and suffering from depression, Ms. Davis at one point contemplated suicide. Ms. Davis' story is just one example of many women throughout the world who are suffering from chronic pain and discomfort, as a result of the effects of vaginal surgery involving pelvic mesh.

Here in the United States, this product has also been marketed by Johnson & Johnson's subsidiary Ethicon, and various other manufacturers. Most of these manufacturers are now also facing a rapidly growing number of lawsuits filed nationwide.  Last year, the FDA recently revised its previous warnings related to this product and now admits that serious complications relating to transvaginal surgical mesh are not rare. The FDA indicated it is also now considering a reclassification of transvaginal surgical mesh for pelvic organ prolapse from a Class II to a Class III medical device. A Class III medical device must pass rigorous review and testing prior to obtaining pre-market approval.

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