Gurney Collapses Injuring Paramedic

January 4, 2012

Fire Department Rescue personnel were dispatched to a 911 call of a medical aid. On arrival, they found an approximately 200 pound male patient with a medical condition that required transport to the hospital. The patient was loaded onto a Gurney and prepared for transport.

As 2 firefighter's were pulling the Gurney (with patient) out the front door of the residence, a "pin" or "bolt" which holds the leg support sheared off causing the Gurney to collapse. The weight of the Gurney pulled one of the firefighter's to the right and down as he tried to keep the patient from falling to the ground. The firefighter felt a "pop" in his back and immediate pain.

Other fire department personnel came over to assist as they continued carrying the Gurney out to the ambulance. They loaded the patient in the ambulance and continued on to the hospital.

The injured firefighter reported the injury immediately to his supervisor's however he thought that he would be okay. Over the next several weeks, the pain worsened. An MRI was done on which revealed several bulging disks. The firefighter required back surgery and was off work for some time.

The case was successfully concluded with a confidential settlement.