How Attorneys Have Positively Impacted Our Lives

January 4, 2012

Each of us has been positively impacted by the hard work and dedication of lawyers. Whether you are driving in your car with numerous safety features, or in your home with a hair dryer plugged into a safe GFI outlet, or your baby is sleeping wrapped in a flame resistant blanket in an improved crib, all of these developments began with a lawyer taking up the cause. We have all been touched by the hard work of attorneys making our world safer. Lawyers hard work, determination and dedication is the driving force to make changes in our society and fight for the rights of those who have been injured.

It is unfortunate but true that often times lawyers have been regarded as opportunistic, and some even go so far as to label them "ambulance chasers". Instead of focusing attention on these negative connotations lets recognize some of the good things lawyers do for all of us.

Attorneys offer their services for a client or cause for no charge, or "pro bono". Pro bono translates to "for the public good'. Legal Aid Societies and Volunteer Lawyer programs have been around for a long time to help those who cannot afford legal services.

Many lawyers work on a acontingent fee basis in which they are only paid if their client is awarded compensation. Contingent fee lawyers take a risk with every case. It is not guaranteed that the lawyer will walk away with any monetary compensation.

Knowing they are making a change in a clients life or reform society for the better, drives attorneys to succeed. Attorneys are often getting involved in charitable work, offering their time and money to worthy causes. A considerable number of attorneys focus their attention on educating the future of the legal profession by volunteering their time at schools teaching and inspiring the next generation of attorneys.

Attorneys who work at a contingency fee law firm, where there is no payment unless a successful outcome for their client, pursue justice with dedication, motivation, inspiration and most of all conviction.