Motorcyclist Injured in Chula Vista Collision

December 16, 2015

NBC San Diego has posted a video reporting a motorcyclist was struck and injured in Chula Vista yesterday.

A woman has been arrested on suspicion of a DUI Tuesday evening after causing a collision at H Street and Oaklawn Avenue in Chula Vista, California. Initial reports indicate the woman was driving a White Ford F-150 eastbound on H Street when she attempted to turn left into a parking lot. It appears she failed to appreciate the motorcyclist approaching westbound and turned directly into his path causing the collision.

Motorcyclist Transported to Medical Center

The motorcycle rider suffered a leg injury and was transported to UCSD Medical Center. The woman remains unidentified and it is reported she declined to take a sobriety test at the scene but was taken to the station to be examined.

Not only is this another example of the damage that can be done when driving under the influence, but also a sobering reminder to look out for motorcyclists. A accident which may cause minor injuries – if any – to the occupant of a vehicle can maim or kill a motorcyclist. Vehicles share our roadways with motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians. They deserve our full attention.