Police Officer Unable to Return to Workforce

January 4, 2012

They say lightning doesn't strike twice, after you read this I think you will feel differently. Scott Miller, a police officer for Mason County, was finishing up an investigation into a traffic collision in 2008 when he was struck by a vehicle. This accident caused serious spinal injuries that required surgery to repair. He was told he may not be able to work again. Remarkably, after the surgery he got himself fit enough to return to full duty.

Unfortunately he found himself in harms way 8 months later. Officer Miller was directing traffic after Mass at St. Susanna Catholic Church when he was struck by a vehicle. Miller's injuries in the second accident have prevented his return to law enforcement of any kind. Officer Miller is now only capable of working in one percent of the available job categories in this economy.

On June 13th, Miller was awarded a settlement in a civil suit that will cover his needs, however it will not ease the pain of these dramatic life changes caused by the injury. The money provides security for Officer Miller and his family. Had there been no opportunity for such a recovery, Officer Miller's situation would be far more devastating.

This serves as an important reminder to everyone, but particularly those in physically demanding jobs such as law enforcement, that protecting yourself should be a top priority. It doesn't take much to cause an injury that prohibits a return to work and thus begins impacting a family's financial situation.

A first line of defense while on the road is making sure that you have as much uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage as you can afford. Contact your insurance agent and be sure you feel you are adequately protected. If you find yourself or a loved on involved with an uninsured or under-insured motorist, you will need to contact an attorney familiar with uninsured and under-insured auto accidents.