Remember to Drive Safe in the Rain and Fog

December 17, 2012

This morning provided a harsh reminder of why we all must not only be careful driving in the rain, but be alert for other drivers who are being reckless.

Just before 7am, there was an accident that left a vehicle overturned on northbound State Route 163 just north of Washington Street.  The California Highway Patrol had to close all northbound lanes until nearly 8am as the wreckage was cleared.  Responders from the Fire Department had to rescue one person who was trapped in the wreckage of the over turned vehicle.

The accident and closure caused traffic to back up onto Interstate 5 and caused stopages all they way south into Chula Vista.

Please drive safely on the road during these slick conditions and keep a safe enough distance from the vehilces around you to allow you the ability to avoid a collision should something occur in front of you.  Keep in mind that the speed limit is a maximum under ideal conditions.  California Vehicle Code section 22350 still requires drivers to maintain a safe speed "for the conditions." This means that driving 65mph during heavy fog or heavy rain could be considered "speeding" and the Highway Patrol has every right to cite someone under those circumstances, particularly if they believe the conduct is endangering the lives of other drivers.

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{ Source: UT San Diego}