SUV Overturned on Interstate 805 Causing 3 Lanes to Close

July 2, 2012

A accident on northbound Interstate 805 between Clairemont Mesa Boulevard and state Route 163 led to three of the lanes being blocked for about an hour after the noon accident.  According to the California Highway Patrol, an SUV was overturned on its roof and another vehicle had attempted to flee the scene.  There were no additional details available about the parties to the crash or how the accident occurred.

Accidents like these can occur for any number of reasons and often result in injury and possibly death to those involved.  Determining the cause of an accident is a important part of any legal investigation as it can be the primary factor in determining the rights of those involved.  A consultation with an  experienced trial attorney can provide the injured or their family with guidance on how to most efficiently handle the claims process and ensure that all rights and obligations are explored and resolved.