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Encinitas, California, Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Attorney

A sudden unexpected motor vehicle accident can turn your life upside-down with serious injuries, the death of a loved one, medical costs and other financial damages. At Padilla Law Group, LLP, in Encinitas, California, we know how important it is to help you and your family get your feet back on the ground as quickly as possible.

Working Through The Insurance Company Often Isn’t Enough

Yes, it is true that the insurance companies involved in any type of motor vehicle accident in California are supposed to make sure the injured parties are fairly compensated for their medical bills, lost earnings, related financial damages and pain and suffering. Most people discover, however, that insurance companies do everything they can to settle for the lowest amount the claimant will take. That is to be expected. What most people don’t know, however, is the full value of their claim and how much they could and should be seeking in terms of financial damages.

Hire A Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer In Encinitas For Maximum Recovery

Our attorneys have years of experience investigating the cause and liability for car, truck and motorcycle accidents, and skillfully negotiating a full and fair settlement. Our record of winning trial verdicts is recognized among the most successful in the San Diego metropolitan area.

Our Experience In Personal Injury And Wrongful Death Cases Includes:

Accidents And Injuries Caused By Vehicle Defects

In some cases, the accident itself may be caused because of a defective automobile component, such as faulty brakes or steering. In other cases, injuries may be caused or made worse because of a defective or dangerous auto part, such as a seat belt or airbag failure. We have experienced product liability litigation attorneys who are ready to aggressively pursue damages from all negligent parties in motor vehicle accident cases, including the auto manufacturer if evidence shows liability on their part.

Free Case Evaluation · No Attorneys’ Fees Unless You Recover Monetary Damages

Don’t harm your legal case for maximum compensation. Talk to one of our lawyers before you discuss your accident with an insurance adjuster or file any claims forms. Call us at 858-481-5454 or send the email contact form with a brief explanation of your accident and injuries.