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Workers' compensation death benefits in California

An accident in the workplace can wreak havoc on an individual's life. It might leave him or her with serious injuries that require extensive medical care, and it may knock him or her out of work, thereby affecting one's income. Those individuals who are seriously injured may wind up with a permanent disability, which can directly impact their quality of life for years or decades. Yet, these damages, while quite severe, are nothing compared to the loss felt by those who lose a loved one in an on-the-job accident.

Common causes of airplane crashes

While it is not a common event, airline crashes are often catastrophic, endangering lives on the ground as well as those in the plane. If you travel by plane frequently, whether for business or pleasure, you may  have had your share of tense moments that reminded you of how short life can be. On the other hand, if you were injured or lost a loved one in a plane crash, you undoubtedly have many questions.

Did another driver's smoking habit lead to your injuries?

If you navigate California highways on a regular basis, you surely have your work cut out for you. Heavy traffic and reckless drivers may put your life at risk. It can be downright terrifying to be traveling along uneventfully and suddenly notice a car in your rear view mirror barreling up behind you, dangerously close to your bumper. You've likely also experienced what it's like to feel the gust of wind a speeding tractor-trailer causes as it passes.

Workplace accident kills California worker

Some job duties inherently carry the risk of physical injury. Miners, for example, are subjected to the very real possibility that a mine could collapse,, leaving them with serious injuries or death. Yet, even seemingly mundane, day-to-day job tasks can suddenly turn injurious or deadly. When this happens, victims and their families can be left with extensive emotional and financial losses.

Traumatic brain injury and its effects

It doesn't take a decorated medical professional to know that brain injuries are quite serious. They can reshape an California resident's life, leaving him or her unable to perform tasks that were once a part of his or her daily life. Yet, although many of us know that a brain injury can leave a victim with severe limitations, the real impact of a traumatic brain injury is utterly staggering.

Encinitas hit-and-run accident leaves bicyclist in a coma

With its warm weather and almost constant sunshine, California is a state where individuals can enjoy the outdoors year-round. This means that pedestrians and bicyclists can be present nearly every day of the year, and at any time of day. It is important that motorists recognize that these parties have the right of way, and they should be given the room they deserve on the roadway. This means ensuring that bicyclists aren't crowded, that pedestrians are yielded to at intersections and crosswalks, and that motorists follow all traffic laws.

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