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We recently discussed the importance of making and meeting objections during litigation. While appropriately doing so can significantly increase the chances that you will succeed on your personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, doing so also leaves the door open to argue those issues on appeal. This is no small thing, especially since many personal injury and wrongful death cases are reversed and remanded on appeal, meaning that they are sent back to the trial court for additional proceedings that take into account the ruling by the court of appeals. In other words, a successful appeal can give you a second bite at the apple.

Why proper objections and responses are so important

If you've ever watched a courtroom drama on television, then you've probably seen countless objections made. So frequently, in fact, that you may feel like you know the basic objections and what they mean. This is true for many Californians who believe they may understand the definition of hearsay or why a fact is or isn't relevant.

When a California school bus ride turns disastrous for your child

As with many California families, your children may ride school buses to and from their school every day. If your kids are athletes, they likely use bus transportation to get to many sporting events scheduled at other schools. School bus travel is, in fact, so common in the United States that you may not even give it a second thought when one of your kids takes his or her seat on one of these massive vehicles.  

Drunk driving accident leaves California state employee injured

On a daily basis, most Californians go to work to earn a living for themselves and their families. Sometimes, though, these individuals are injured on the job, which can throw them out of work for a significant period of time. When this happens, medical expenses and lost wages can take quite a toll. Although workers' compensation may be available to these individuals, those benefits don't always cover the full extent of one's losses. In instances where a third-party's negligence contributed to the accident, an injured worker may be able to pursue both workers' compensation and a personal injury claim in hopes of recovering compensation for the full extent of damages suffered.

Errant teenage driver strikes and kills pedestrian

While many injuries and deaths associated with car accidents occur when two or more vehicles collide, they also often involve pedestrians. Sometimes motorists fail to yield at crosswalks, but other times unsuspecting individuals are struck by vehicles while they are merely walking down the sidewalk.

Tesla accused of providing an unsafe work environment

Most people going to work every day are concerned about performing their duties to the best of their abilities so that they can continue to provide for their families. Very few workers are concerned about their workplace safety. This is usually because federal, state, and local regulations and laws require employers to take certain steps to ensure that their employees are kept as safe as possible. This may include providing adequate training, safety equipment, and maintaining all machinery in a safe condition.

Workers' compensation paying for fewer hospitalizations

Many Californians who are injured in a workplace accident wind up needing extensive medical care. They may need immediate hospitalization as well as long-term rehabilitation. Some of these individuals even suffer a disability that never fully heals. However, as time rolls on and federal, state, and local laws and regulations seek to reinforce workplace safety, workers may see less need for such extensive care.

Auto product defects and strict liability

Californians drive their cars, trucks, and SUVs without much thought of their safety outside of avoiding an accident caused by their own error or the negligence of another. While this is certainly important, it is not the only threat posed to motorists. Defective auto products can suddenly cause an accident or other motor vehicle malfunction that leaves individuals with serious injuries. In the worst cases, victims are killed. It is important for those who suffer damages from defective auto products to take the steps necessary to find accountability and, potentially, compensation for their losses.

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