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Have you considered these possible driving distractions?

You may feel that you are a relatively safe driver. You may not drive at excessive speeds or act aggressively toward other travelers, but those factors alone may not mean that you always act in a safe manner behind the wheel. For instance, you may become distracted more often than you think.

Driving while distracted is a serious issue that often leads to severe car accidents. This type of issue is particularly scary because you and other drivers may not even realize that you have become distracted. Have you ever found yourself daydreaming while behind the wheel and not even realized how far you have traveled? If so, you drove while distracted. Many other factors could also lead to distraction.

Passengers and pets

People often drive their families, friends and pets in their vehicles. While commonplace, other occupants of a car could easily cause major distractions. If you have a dog in your vehicle and do not use a pet restraint, the animal could jump from seat to seat, attempt to get in your lap or carry out other distracting actions. Additionally, attempting to pet or feed your dog while driving is a distraction.

If you have kids in the car, they can be even more distracting than adult passengers. Drivers should always keep their eyes on the road, but when kids start fighting or experiencing other issues in the back seat, parents commonly use mirrors or even turn their heads in order to look away from the road and at the kids.


Your emotions can also impact how well you drive. If you have received upsetting news or experienced a situation that made you angry, it may be in your best interests and the interests of other travelers if you give yourself some time to calm down before driving. While upset, you may continue to replay the emotionally charged incident in your mind, which distracts you from driving, and these strong emotions could also compromise your decision-making abilities, which could lead to aggressive or risky driving behaviors.


Most people tend to drive with the radio playing. However, if you blast your favorite song or become invested in a radio show, podcast or audiobook, you may put too much of your attention on what you are listening to and not enough on paying attention to driving. Teen drivers may be particularly susceptible to letting their music distract them while behind the wheel.

When distractions lead to accidents, injuries are common. If another driver causes an accident that leaves you injured, you may want to look into potentially pursuing compensation for damages through a personal injury lawsuit.

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