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Kia and Hyundai vehicles may have dangerous auto defects

There are numerous components that make a motor vehicle function effectively. A defect in any one of these component parts can pose a serious safety risk. As a result, unsuspecting motorists can be injured in accidents or fires. It is for the protection of consumers that the law allows individuals to pursue an auto product liability lawsuit when their injuries are directly linked to a defective auto product.

Encinitas pedestrian accident leaves one dead

Those who find themselves walking near roadways or in crosswalks can be put in danger when motorists drive negligently. Negligent drivers who fail to yield, swerve off the road or fail to properly share the road can strike a pedestrian, leaving him or her with injuries. Since pedestrians don't have the protections afforded by those driving some sort of vehicle, they often wind up with injuries that are quite severe. In the worst cases, death results.

Poor truck maintenance can cause serious car accidents

Semi-trucks, when driven improperly, can be extremely dangerous. A fatigued, intoxicated or distracted trucker can swerve into oncoming traffic or fail to stop at a traffic light, slamming into another vehicle. Because of their sheer size, these vehicles can cause an enormous amount of damage, leaving other motorists in California with serious injuries. In the worst cases, when semi trucks collide with other motorists it can result in loss of life.

Ford trucks recalled over fire hazard

Californians expect the vehicles they drive to be safe. In order to ensure this safety, a motor vehicle needs to be well-thought out and executed, starting with its initial design. Unfortunately, many times there are design or manufacturing defects that cause vehicles to pose a risk to unsuspecting motorists. This can lead to an auto product recall, but sometimes those recalls come far too late.

Seeking relief of chronic pain after a spinal cord injury

Once, you may have heard someone say that pain is a good thing because it lets you know when something is wrong. Without pain, you may not realize that you need to slow down, give up certain foods or see a doctor. However, since your accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury, you are experiencing pain in parts of your body where you have no other sensations. This pain, called neuropathic pain, is not useful.

Encinitas firm experienced in litigation stands ready to help

A motor vehicle accident can rock your world. You may have a great home life with a stable income and all of your physical capacities at one moment, and in the next you are seriously injured in a way that leaves you disabled, unable to work, experiencing pain and suffering, and in financial trouble. For many Californians who find themselves in this situation, it can be infuriating to find out that the accident in question could have been prevented if the driver who caused it had merely been sober or paying attention to the road.

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