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Ways in which a TBI could affect your cognition

Your brain is the organ that allows your body to carry out its necessary functions. In addition to keeping you breathing, recognizing signals from other parts of your body and various other functions, your brain also allows you to think and make sense of information.

When your brain suffers damage, many of your abilities could suffer. In cases of severe traumatic brain injuries, many individuals do not fully recover their abilities to the point they had reached before the injury. One area that could suffer after this type of injury is your cognition.

Cognitive abilities

When it comes to your cognition, the abilities involved are thinking, understanding, remembering, knowing and using information. Therefore, your cognition affects the following capabilities:

  • Your ability to control impulses
  • Your ability to communicate
  • Your memory
  • Your attention and concentration
  • Your reasoning skills
  • Your decision-making abilities
  • Your ability to process and understand information
  • Your judgment

When you suffer a TBI, your cognition could suffer, and because it encompasses so many important abilities, you could find yourself having numerous difficulties.

Disruptions to cognition

If your TBI does affect your cognition, you may experience many problems, such as:

  • Being easily distracted
  • Having difficulty understanding what someone is trying to say
  • Needing more time to carry out daily tasks, like getting dressed
  • Having a hard time following a conversation
  • Easily getting off topic
  • Having trouble remembering new information
  • Struggling to plan and stay organized
  • Not realizing when problems exist
  • Losing the ability to use sound judgment
  • Struggling to suppress impulsive behaviors

As you can tell, any of these issues -- among others -- could easily disrupt your life in significant ways. Fortunately, treatment and rehabilitative programs do exist that can help you work on your abilities and find coping mechanisms for resulting issues. Still, your life may never be the same after suffering a TBI.

Seeking compensation

If your traumatic brain injury resulted from a car accident or other event in which another person's negligence or recklessness caused the incident, you may have reason to take legal action against that person. The results of a TBI can lead to a need for continual care, treatment and rehabilitation, and it could also lead to job loss and medical expenses. As a result, your financial life could suffer as well as personal and physical aspects of your life.

A personal injury claim filed against the liable party or parties could allow you to seek compensation for these and other damages permitted under California state law.

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