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Are bike lanes safe?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2019 | Bike & Pedestrian Accidents

Bicycles are a convenient, healthy way to travel throughout California. Unfortunately, when you use a bicycle predominately, you do have to contend with other vehicles. A passenger car versus a bicycle can lead to a devastating accident. Protected bike lanes are supposed to solve the safety issue surrounding bicycles. Protected bike lanes are not always safer. 

Protected bike lanes provide bicyclists with a variety of hazards, in some cases. For instance, if you ride your bike on a protected lane, you have to contend with vehicles at intersections, junctions and driveways. When you are street level with other cars, there is always going to be a risk. Many drivers do not pay as much attention to bicyclists as they should. 

In addition, you also have to contend with pedestrians. While pedestrians may not seem like a threat initially, if you have to swerve to miss a pedestrian, you could fall in front of traffic or swerve into a vehicle to protect a person crossing the street. 

Protected bike lanes can keep a person safe. In fact, in some states, the more bike lanes there are, the less likely there is to be accidents. Protected bike lanes on busy streets are the most dangerous. This does not mean that there should not be separation of bike lines, however. Experts, according to Forbes, suggest that bike lanes have fewer junctions. In Europe, it is common to have raised bike crossing. Implementing raised crossing may help keep cyclists safe. 

The above is not legal advice. It is only to inform on bike lane safety.