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Do I have to have uninsured motorist coverage on my insurance?

While California law requires every driver to carry a minimum amount of auto insurance, that does not mean that every driver does so. There are many drivers on the road who forego buying insurance and just hope that they do not end up in an accident. Of course, by nature, accidents are rarely predictable. It is much safer and smarter to ensure that you have the proper insurance. This includes coverage for bodily injury and property damage, along with uninsured motorist coverage. 

The uninsured motorist coverage will protect you against those uninsured drivers. According to the California Department of Insurance, the law does not require you to carry uninsured motorist coverage. However, your insurer must offer it to you, and you must sign a waiver if you choose not to buy it. 

You might want to consider getting this added to your policy. If you get into an accident with a driver who has no insurance, you have few options for recovering money to pay for your damages and injuries. Often when a motorist does not have auto insurance, it means he or she may not be financially able to pay for damages caused in an accident. So, it is difficult to take the person to court to pay for the damages because he or she is unlikely to have the financial ability to do so. That leaves you paying out of your pocket. 

If you have uninsured motorist coverage, though, your own auto policy will cover your damages. Your insurance company will handle trying to get the payments for the damage from the other driver.