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Speeding and other forms of aggressive driving

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2020 | Car Accidents

A large number of fatal collisions that occur on U.S. highways every year involve aggressive driving. Often, these involve well-publicized instances of road rage, but this is not always the case. An aggressive driver can put you and others with whom you share the road in danger. We understand the concern and fear you may feel if you come in contact with an aggressive driver. 

The Insurance Information Institute cites NHTSA data identifying speed as a contributing factor in approximately one-third of all motor vehicle fatalities. However, is speed a type of aggressive driving behavior, or is it a separate factor? 

Excessive speed 

Speeding can be a product of carelessness or inattention, but it can also be aggressive. A driver may start speeding aggressively when agitated due to traffic congestion. Other drivers whom the aggressive driver sees as impediments to his or her progress may become targets of the driver’s anger. In addition to speeding, a driver who becomes agitated in traffic may exhibit other signs of aggression, such as changing lanes more than is necessary. 

Other aggressive behaviors 

An aggressive driver may feel less constrained in his or her behavior behind the wheel because being inside a vehicle affords a measure of anonymity. As a result, the driver may display other aggressive driving behaviors. For example, the driver may pass improperly or drive on the sidewalk, median or other areas where the law does not allow it. An aggressive driver may disregard traffic signals or warnings. Following other vehicles too closely is an aggressive driving behavior that can be particularly unnerving if you are the one the driver is following.