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How can bikers share the road with cars?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2020 | Bike & Pedestrian Accidents

When your daily bicycle commute takes you along busy roads, you need to know how to share the road with cars. 

There are a few practices you should use when you bike on busy roads. 

Stay visible

According to Bicycling magazine, most drivers look for cars, not bicycles. You need to make sure drivers see you on your bike. You should wear bright-colored clothing so you are visible from a distance. Additionally, put reflective lights on your bike so drivers see you when you ride at night. 

Drivers may also not see your bike if you ride at the side of the road. If there is no shoulder or bike lane, you should stay in the right wheel track of the lane. Drivers are more likely to see you if you ride where they expect to see vehicles. 

Know how to maneuver in the lane

You can use the position of your bicycle to let drivers know what you will do. If you plan to go straight, keep your bicycle in the center of the lane. As you prepare to turn right or left, move your bike to that side of the lane so drivers can see that you intend to turn. 

Keep your eyes open

You can avoid many potential hazards by staying aware of everything happening on the road. You should typically pay attention to the vehicles in your immediate vicinity so you know what each car might do. Additionally, you need to look for blind spots. Cars might come out of side streets and driveways, and you need to make sure you see them so you can maneuver safely.