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Is new tech more likely to get elderly drivers in accidents?

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2020 | Car Accidents

Technology and safety have been working hand in hand for decades, trying to connect people from all walks of life to much-needed services and products. One prime example is the automobile. While they’ve always been a technological marvel, in recent years the amount of technology that they are infused with has skyrocketed.

The question becomes: does this benefit everyone? While features such as back up cameras have undoubtedly filled in whatever cracks spot-checking leaves behind, the full suite of tech that most cars offer nowadays might not always be suited for all ages.

Older drivers struggle with the functionality of new cars

The idea of getting mom and dad a new car might sound like an exciting one, especially if one is just paying attention to the safety features included. But a recent study from AAA finds that new tech can actually be a disadvantage for those who are unfamiliar.

The study references in-vehicle information systems, stating that younger folks had a much easier time adapting to the interfaces of new cars and using them proficiently, while older drivers lagged behind. There is obviously a great deal of irony in this, in that using a more advanced car ends up taking their focus from the road and creating the opportunity for danger.

But does that cancel out safety benefits?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration speaks at length about the newer the car model tends to be, the more fully stacked it will be with safety features. From automated driver systems that can emergency brake to ones that can sense when a vehicle is leaving its lane, there’s a lot of technology that keeps a driver in check. Because the body deteriorates with age, having whatever backup you can get might outweigh whatever initial issues there are. After all, there may be the option to disable certain parts of a menu that caused so much trouble with older drivers.

Regardless, the road can be a rough place

While there are ways to aid an aging driver, even the sharpest of drivers are still at risk whenever they hit the road. The worry of mom and/or dad getting in an accident is scary one, and should risk yield reality, dealing with a new injury as well as the medical bills that come with it can be exhausting and scary.

Seeking out support systems from friends and family as well as professional counsel for how to respond to the situation can make progress when every day feels stressful.