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What causes a truck tire blow out?

When a large truck experiences a tire blowout, it often leads to a serious accident. In some situations, the truck will wreck, and other times, the tire debris leads to another vehicle suffering an accident.

Planet Freight explains that a tire blowout can make a driver lose control of his or her truck, and due to the accident risk, it is essential that drivers do everything possible to avoid it happening. Many of the causes of a blow out are completely avoidable if a driver does proper inspections. Other causes are due to driving conditions, which should alert a driver to be more vigilant about checking the truck’s tires.

Tire age

Drivers need to be aware of the age of their truck tires. Older tires fail the most often because they have more wear and tear. They have many miles on them, and they go through a lot by carrying heavy loads day after day.


It is also important that drivers understand proper inflation. An underinflated tire cannot handle the weight of the truck and its load. It will flex beyond its ability, which leads to failure.

Road conditions

Potholes are a menace to any tire, but especially to truck tires. When you drive over a pothole, there is always a chance it will cut the tire or cause weakening. Uneven payment causes similar risks. If you drive over bad roadways a lot, then it means you should check your tires more often.


Most truck tire blowouts happen in the warmer months of the year from May to October. The reason is that hotter weather leads to tire failure. Your tires heat up, which weakens them and makes them more vulnerable to damage. It can also weaken tires already at risk and prompt the blowout.