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How can I make sure drivers see me on a bike?

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2021 | Bike & Pedestrian Accidents

A common refrain from vehicle drivers after striking bicyclists or other pedestrians is that they did not see the bicyclist or pedestrian in question. Why this is not a talisman against moral culpability for hurting a pedestrian and is not a legal defense, oftentimes this is true. 

For instance, if a pedestrian is wearing a faded black T-shirt and black jeans, it is likely that he or she does blend in with black pavement to a certain extent. One of the best ways to protect yourself on a bicycle is ensure that you are as easy to see as possible. To do this, you should take note of what color your cycling outfit is, and make full use of active and passive lighting. 

If I wear bright colors, will drivers see me?

Overall, a good rule of thumb is to choose brighter colors. However, this is not a panacea and you need to take the area in which you bike into consideration. For example, if you bike often in an area with heavy tree canopy, it is possible that a fluorescent green cycling outfit will still blend in with your surroundings. 

If you have to choose between fluorescent green and black, of course, fluorescent green is the better decision. However, you may want to consider other fluorescent colors like orange or hot pink that do not occur very often in nature. 

What are active and passive lighting?

Passive lighting includes clothing with reflective materials. Active lighting includes bicycle lights that do not require an outside light source to work. In order to ensure that vehicle drivers see you, you should make use of both.