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What are some unique challenges for trucks on the road?

While many drivers may worry about car crashes or motorcycle accidents, trucks are often one of the most dangerous types of vehicles on the road.

Being aware of what specific issues and challenges sharing a road with trucks entails is important for anyone trying to stay safe.

Increased blind spots

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, trucks have blind spots on their sides and directly behind them. You cannot see these areas while sitting in the driver’s seat, which makes it especially difficult to tell who is near you.

People in cars or on motorcycles may not know about this lack of visibility, which can lead to instances where they pull out in front of a truck by accident. This sudden surprise may cause a truck to break too quickly and swerve off the road.

Different handling

In bad weather or heavy winds, a truck may sway more due to its large size and massive weight. Not only does this size prevent a truck from slowing down as fast as a car, but it can also make it harder to turn around corners.

Cars and motorcycles cannot safely turn left in front of a truck at an intersection without proper precautions.

Less time to react

A car may pull in front of a truck, incorrectly assuming there is enough room to pass, without realizing the truck cannot slow down as quickly. Other vehicles should never attempt to squeeze between trucks in order to pass them on a busy highway.

Accidents and crashes involving trucks are some of the most intense ones, because of the size and handling of the vehicle.