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What safety gear should you have on a construction job?

Working in the construction industry puts you at a higher risk of injury than other careers. Depending on your responsibilities, you may work at heights, around heavy equipment and near environmental hazards.

Prior to any job, your employer should provide adequate safety training. Your vigilance in wearing proper safety gear can also aid in your protection.


When working around heavy equipment or items that protrude from the ground or other surfaces, your clothing should never fall loosely around your body. Abrasive-resistant clothing that fits your body appropriately can minimize the chances of extra material getting caught, resulting in crushing injuries and other serious accidents.

Your clothing should allow you to move freely and provide full coverage to your extremities. Additionally, a reflective vest can enhance your visibility to those around you. According to the Commercial Construction & Renovation Magazine, you may also need a safety harness to wear if your job requires you to work at height.

Other PPE

Personal protective equipment may include eyewear or breathing apparatuses that protect your face from dangerous particles. If you work around loud machinery, such as a jackhammer, you will want hearing protection. A well-fitted pair of steel-toe work boots and a well-fitted helmet can provide significant protection from falling objects. You may also want to wear gloves.

If you have concerns about a lack of PPE, you may reach out to your employer to request support in getting the items you need. If you suffered an injury on a construction site, you may have eligibility to receive compensation if your employer acted negligently in providing the necessary gear for your safety.