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5 things to do after a motor vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2021 | Car Accidents

As the road narrowed and the lanes merged into one, you noticed a driver in the next lane speed up to pass your car. The other driver’s action was sudden, and a collision was unavoidable. The side of your car is scraped and crunched upon impact with the other vehicle.

Then your vehicle spins around colliding with a barricade before coming to a rest. In some pain, you emerge from your car. You know what happened, now you must quickly act to seek medical assistance and collect necessary evidence and details about your accident. There are many things you must do.

Exchange information, gather evidence

After a motor vehicle collision, do your best to maintain a calm and cool head and then act. Here are five important steps you must pursue and complete after a motor vehicle accident:

  • Call for medical assistance if anyone is injured and promptly get medical attention. This is the priority.
  • Contact law enforcement who should follow through with an investigation. Provide a “just the facts” statement. Do not admit fault or provide excessive details.
  • Exchange information with the other motorist. Obtain insurance information, get driver’s name and phone number along with year, make and model of the vehicle. Once again, do not admit fault when speaking with the other driver.
  • Take photos and videos of the accident scene with your smartphone. This would include the vehicle damage, license plate of the other vehicle and surrounding damage and debris in the immediate area. Do not forget to take photos of any injuries that you received. This represents a big step in gathering evidence.
  • Obtain statements from witnesses. Get their names and contact information. Their accounts likely will help you with your case.

Understand the steps that you must take and quickly do them. There likely is a small window to accomplish these tasks as witnesses may drift away, clean-up crews do their job, or your injury overcomes you. Remain cautious and precise when taking these steps.