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How can 15-passenger vans reduce their risk on the road?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2021 | Car Accidents

Like most people, you probably see 15 passenger vans all of the time. Large vans serve as necessary transportation for children, the elderly, sports teams, carpools and more. While vans may be helpful for transportation, they can also be cumbersome and dangerous on the road.

According to the NHTSA, about 235 15 passenger van drivers and passengers die every year. There are some ways drivers can limit accidents and reduce their risk.

Pay attention to speed

When driving a larger vehicle, you should always obey the speed limit. Pay attention to the hazards on the road. During inclement weather, you should slow down. Keep in mind that, unlike passenger vehicles, a van cannot stop as quickly. You need to give yourself plenty of time and pay attention, so you do not have to make any sudden maneuvers. Try not to drive for more than eight hours per day and limit your conversation with other passengers.

Check tire pressure and cargo

Before you drive, check the tire pressure and ensure you have a spare tire. Check for too much wear on your spare and your standard tires. If you have improperly inflated tires, it can increase your risk of an accident. Likewise, make sure all of the cargo goes forward of the rear axle. Do not overload the van or place your load on the roof.

When driving a 15 passenger van, you should never have more than 15 people at any given time. You do not have adequate seatbelts and passengers will suffer more severe injuries in a crash. If you have less than 15 passengers, fill the vehicle from front to back. You should have passengers in front of the rear axle.