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What do you know about treating road rash?

You follow the rules of the road behind the wheel and behind your bike’s handlebars. Still, you cannot account for every driver’s actions. A recent bike accident left you with a road rash and a potential personal injury case.

WebMD explains treatment options for road rash. Treat obvious injuries while waiting to see if a doctor uncovers hidden harm from your accident.

Wash, rinse and clean

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with hand soap and warm water. You do not want to risk infecting your wound or worsening your injuries. Then, rinse the wound site with warm water. Clean foreign objects inside the wound carefully.

Apply an antibiotic ointment

Another way to prevent an infection is to use an antibiotic ointment. The ointment also moisturizes the wound.

Apply a bandage

Sterile gauze and bandages protect road rash from infection and worsening harm. Bandages and gauze also keep the wound site clean.

After applying the first bandage or gauze wrap, monitor the dressing, and change it at least once a day. If the bandage sticks to your wound, soak the bandage in saltwater to separate it.

Observe the wound

Other than monitoring the dressing, inspect the wound site, too. Worsening pain, skin reddening, fever and oozing pus could mean you need antibiotics. Let a doctor examine the wound so you know what to do.

Taking unnecessary risks with minor bicycle accident injuries may cost you more than you realize. With your physician’s help, you better understand whether you have a personal injury case to pursue against the at-fault party.