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How safety clothing and location affects cyclists’ safety

On Behalf of | May 19, 2022 | Personal Injury

Increasing cycler safety is the responsibility of everyone on the road, but it starts with the individual mounting the bike. Whether you ride an e-bike or prefer to go old school, cycling safety starts with what you wear.

Though many would argue that the actions of cyclists impact their safety, clothing worn during cycling trips also has a significant impact. Improving visibility through conspicuous clothing reduces the visual limitations that lead to devastating accidents and personal injuries.

Influence of clothing color and location

Cyclists often turn to brightly colored clothing to provide greater visibility to pedestrians and motorists, but the color and location of the clothing affect visibility. Fluorescent yellow or green jerseys are not as effective at creating visibility from a greater distance as fluorescent leg coverings. The color and combined movement of the legs more readily identify cyclists at further distances than a jersey alone. A bright color worn statically on the torso should give way to a vibrant color actively worn on the legs.

Influence of taillight position and color

In addition to color placement indicating the presence of a cyclist, the color of the tail lights on the also bike also makes a difference.  A flashing taillight creates attention more easily than a solid color on a stationary position on the bike but attaching a solid light to each ankle attracts the eye from further distances.

Research shows that humans are typically good at recognizing other humans, but when factoring in an environment where motion and distance are at play, these abilities become compromised. Dress appropriately to reduce the risk of an accident.