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Which bruises should concern you after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2022 | Car Accidents

Even though car accidents continue to be a primary cause of injury and death in the U.S., recent automotive safety features protect you. Still, when seat belts lock and airbags deploy, it is not uncommon for drivers to sustain some minor injuries. Bruises usually fall into this category.

While most bruises are nothing to worry about, others can be symptoms of potentially catastrophic injuries. If you do not have much medical training, you may wonder which bruises should concern you after a car accident.

Bruises on your head, neck or face

According to the Cleveland Clinic, a traumatic brain injury interrupts the way your brain normally works. This type of injury can include concussions, brain damage, cerebrospinal fluid leaks and brain bleeds. Therefore, if you have a bruise on your head, neck or face, you should seek an immediate medical evaluation.

Bruises on your midsection

Following car accidents, it is not exactly rare for drivers and passengers to have bruises with shapes that mimic their seat belts. If these bruises are only skin deep, they are probably not much of a concern. Nevertheless, because a belt-shaped bruise may indicate serious organ and tissue damage, having one should mean a trip to the emergency room.

Bruises on your limbs

Broken bones usually come with excruciating pain. Still, it is possible to have damage to your skeletal system without experiencing much discomfort. If you have bruises on your limbs, it may be wise to have x-rays.

Ultimately, because you may be in no position to distinguish between minor and potentially deadly bruising after a car accident, your best bet is always to go straight to the hospital for treatment.