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How can I avoid a bad rideshare driver?

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2022 | Car Accidents

One of the best tools to use to ensure that you choose a good Uber driver is to check the ratings. Every driver has them available to see unless they are a brand new driver.

Ridester explains the ratings for drivers come in anonymously, so people can be completely honest about their experience.

The system

You will notice the ratings are a five-star system. Having five stars is the best rating, and one star is the worst. Riders can give a rating as soon as their ride ends. It allows an up-to-date way to check into a driver.

Lower ratings

When a rider gives a rating below five stars, the company asks for feedback. You should be aware that maintaining five stars is very difficult because it is a subjective situation. A rider may give a driver a thee star rating not because they were a bad driver but because of the circumstances of their ride, such as bad weather or heavy traffic, which the driver has no control over. So, do look at ratings subjectively.


When considering ratings, you should look at the big picture. If the driver gets mixed reviews, then you can usually rely on the overall star rating. But if you notice the driver had a particularly bad stretch and rebounded with better ratings more recently, then you can generally consider the more recent ratings to be the better indicator of what type of experience to expect.

In general, look for a driver with a 4.6 star or higher rating. This is pretty standard for good drivers.