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How noticeable are traumatic brain injuries after an accident?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Car Accidents, Truck Accidents

A serious hit to your head after a vehicle accident can leave you with extreme emotions and various physical complications.

Right after this crash, you may not think you have a traumatic brain injury. As the days or weeks continue, you may begin to notice serious signs that cause you pain in daily life.

More mood changes

According to the Mayo Clinic, one aspect of a head injury that many people may not notice at first is a change in mood or personality. This is not just a temporary state that goes away after a while, but a stronger and more serious change that can interfere with your relationships.

You may act more combative with family or friends and feel frustrated at issues that did not make you angry before. Other people around you could notice you change moods quickly and without warning, as well as seeming more anxious.

Increased instances of pain

When you notice more headaches and instances of shooting pain in your head, you may wonder what it could signal. Not only can this drain you, but you may feel an increase in sleepiness at all times of the day.

Even sleeping for a regular amount each day could not be enough to get rid of this persistent feeling. Additionally, you could vomit or throw up multiple times throughout a week or day if you have a severe injury.

Less balance

When you feel so dizzy that you cannot stand or walk long distances, even basic tasks may seem impossible.

Taking steps to learn about these symptoms can help you if you find yourself struggling after a car or truck crash.