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What to do after being hit by an uninsured driver

Car accidents happen. In California, auto insurance is mandatory. Active policies assure there is money available for treating injuries or replacing property.

Unfortunately, many still drive without insurance, meaning you could wind up lacking compensation. Following these recommendations will boost your odds of the responsible party paying.

Let police know

No matter how the other driver pleads, it is in your interest to report the crash. Failure to file a police report could result in insurance companies refusing to pay. Proving the fault of the other driver is easier with a record in hand that reflects your version of events.

Refrain from admitting guilt

Any admission could make you partially responsible for an accident. Even innocent comments can come back to haunt you. Should an officer ask questions, be honest. That said, do not offer more information than necessary.

Seek medical care

Immediately after the moment of impact, you might feel fine. Shock and adrenaline can temporarily mask serious harm. Head straight to the hospital and request an evaluation. Injuries worsen the longer they go without care. Also, medical records can act as proof in court.

Contact insurance agencies

As soon as possible, inform your car insurance provider about the incident. Give the same information to your health insurer. By acting responsibly, it demonstrates belief in your innocence.

Anyone harmed by another motorist deserves payment. Receiving what you deserve becomes trickier when the responsible party has no coverage. The actions you take in the wake of a crash increase your chances of gaining restitution.