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How can I analyze my motorcycle crash?

Experiencing a crash on your motorcycle can make you feel shocked and puzzled about how it could have happened. This is an understandable reaction to have. This is why motorcycle riders should understand how to figure out the cause of an accident through a post-crash analysis.

Analyzing your accident may reveal that a negligent driver was at fault. This could entitle you to compensation for damage to your bike and your injuries. Ride Apart explains some questions a post-crash analysis should resolve.

Discover what caused the crash

Many different factors can result in a motorcycle crash, so it is important to think of anything that could have led to your accident. They may include:

  • The actions of another driver
  • Weather conditions
  • A slippery road surface
  • Damage to a road
  • The presence of wildlife

Also, consider the time of day when your accident happened. Evening hours may make it harder for you to be visible to other drivers if your bike had insufficient lighting.

Consider possible mistakes

Generally, oversights or errors on the part of a driver cause an auto accident. Since the other motorist may accuse you of causing the collision, you want to be honest with yourself about your actions. If you are confident you are not responsible for the crash, you should be able to explain why.

Figure out what helped you

Motorcycle crashes can inflict serious injury, so if you emerge from a collision without permanent disability, you should know what factors helped preserve your life and health. Your helmet, clothing and boots could have offered you protection. If any of them failed to prevent injury, you could consider upgrading your helmet and clothing.

With a good analysis of your crash, you may not only know how to support your case for damages, but you might avoid another accident in the future.