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Preventing e-bike accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2022 | Personal Injury

People of all ages love electronic bikes. These battery-powered vehicles are a convenient way to get from point A to point B without breaking a sweat or sacrificing style.

However, e-biking is not without risks. Electronic bikes travel much faster than regular bikes, and they also tend to be heavier. These qualities make severe accidents far more likely.

E-bike risks

Reuters found that there are more cases of e-bikers going to the hospital for injuries than regular bicyclists or scooter riders. 17% of people who get into e-bike collisions suffer from internal injuries. Also, accidents involving pedestrians are three times as common among e-bikes as among regular bikes and scooters.

E-bike safety

There are several things that e-bikers can do to stay safe on the road. For one, wearing a helmet can greatly reduce the risk of severe head injuries. It is also important to wear bright clothing and use lights so that other drivers and pedestrians take notice. Because electronic bikes are less common than regular bicycles, visibility becomes especially important for riders. E-bike users should be sure to stay out of people’s blind spots and prepare to change routes if necessary. Lastly, it is crucial that e-bikers follow traffic laws.

Electronic bikes are versatile, easy to ride and environmentally friendly. It is no wonder that these vehicles are increasing in popularity throughout the world. However, many people are not used to e-bikes yet, which often leads to dangerous consequences. This is why it is important that e-bikers make an effort to protect themselves and others when they ride.