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Reducing speed limits being discussed to enhance road safety

Since there are so many pedestrians and cyclists in San Diego, there are frequent discussions and attempts to make the roads safer for them. One that is becoming more common is reducing speed limits on certain roads. One such bill is being lauded as a positive in this direction.

Assembly Bill 43 would grant municipalities the right to lower speed limits if the road is connected to business districts and other locations that are believed to be risky for cyclists and pedestrians. Speed limits can already be reduced in school zones. The La Jolla Traffic & Transportation Board is behind the initiative. This stems from the number of accidents that occur because of drivers exceeding the speed limit.

Nonprofit wants to lower speed limits for safety

BikeSD strives to make the roads safer for riders with improved infrastructure. The nonprofit is promoting lower speed limits so riders and pedestrians have less to fear from traffic accidents. Statistically, this makes sense. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that the simple matter of vehicles slowing down substantially raises the chance of a person surviving if they are hit. At 40 miles per hour, the chance of a pedestrian or cyclist fatality is 20%; at 20 mph, it is 95%.

Since the law went into effect three years ago, cities across California have chosen to lower speed limits on certain roads. San Diego may also choose to do so. Roads that are set to have lower speed limits are those where people have suffered severe injuries and lost their lives with a worrisome frequency.

The city has already done research into speed management with areas that cyclists and pedestrians congregate the target of lower speed limits. Board members emphasize the need for law enforcement to work hand in hand with safety advocates. Failure to enforce the laws will result in people flouting them and continuing to speed. The expansion of speed cameras is also being floated as an idea to ensure drivers stay within the legal limits.

Speeding accidents can have severe consequences

Whether it is a cyclist, a pedestrian or a person in a vehicle, a motor vehicle accident in which another vehicle is exceeding the speed limit can have wide-ranging ramifications. In addition to the medical challenges people will face, there are financial and professional considerations to think about.

There are steps to take in the aftermath that should not be ignored. That includes getting medical care, gathering all the necessary information and knowing what can be done to make a full recovery. This requires qualified advice from the start.