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Traumatic brain injury can lead to mental health issues

Some California residents who are involved in a car accident are lucky enough to escape with little to no harm. These individuals may need to nurse some bumps, bruises and cuts, but overall they are able to walk away with no long-term damage. Sadly, however, many other California residents suffer serious harm, such as brain injuries. As medical professionals continue to research these injuries they are finding that their impact can be much more significant than initially thought.

Attorneys can assist with brain and spinal cord injury claims

Brain and spinal cord injuries are life-altering events. Sufferers are often left with impaired physical abilities, and some are rendered disabled for the rest of their lives. The emotional and financial toll placed on these victims and their families is nothing short of astounding. Those in California affected by brain and spinal cord injuries may find it hard to move forward, as the challenges awaiting them are enormous. Although hope of better treatment options are always looming on the horizon, these victims and their families should consider taking legal action if appropriate, in hopes of recovering the compensation they need to acquire the best medical care that is currently available.

Child brain injury sufferers may develop neurological issues

Car accidents and sporting accidents can leave a child in Encinitas with serious injuries, including those that affect the brain and the spine. While these injuries can leave a victim with significant physical deficiencies, they can also cause long-term neurological problems.

Researchers replicate brain injuries to further treatment options

Suffering a blow to the head can leave an individual dazed and confused. Some people in California who experience this sensation shrug the matter off as symptoms fade, but in reality they may have suffered a brain injury. Statistics show that 2.5 million people suffered a brain injury in 2010, but experts suggest the number of actual brain injuries suffered per year may be much higher, because many people who suffer a blow to the head fail to seek medical treatment.

New blood test detects brain injuries

When it comes to serious harm such as brain and spinal cord injuries, quick diagnosis and treatment can be critical. Any delay may lead to additional harm and/or a delayed recovery. This is why doctors in California strive to utilize appropriate medical testing in a timely fashion.

Spinal cord injuries can have a drastic impact

Severe injuries can await those in California who are involved in a workplace accident or car crash. While some of these injuries are only temporary in nature, others, particularly those involving the brain and the spinal cord, can be permanent. These individuals' lives can be forever changed by their injuries, as they often lead to physical and cognitive limitations that render them unable to carry out the daily tasks they once used to complete with ease.

The severity spectrum of brain injuries

Just like any other injury, brain injuries can fall anywhere on a spectrum of severity. Determining the severity of one's brain injury is significant in that it allows medical professionals to prescribe an effective course of treatment. Additionally, those who are able to recognize the signs of traumatic brain injury may allow an individual or his or her loved ones to seek medical care much more quickly.

What is the cost of caring for a traumatic brain injury?

A traumatic brain injury can leave an individual with serious physical and mental limitations. Oftentimes, those who suffer these injuries are unable to reclaim their normal pre-accident lives. As if this isn't bad enough, these individuals will usually wind up facing significant financial losses primarily caused by medical expenses and rehabilitation costs. But the damages don't end there. Instead, victims can also face lost wages due to their inability to work. These losses, when combined with physical and emotional damages, can be overwhelming.

FDA approves blood test that detects brain injuries

There are a number of frightening and downright terrifying injuries and illnesses that can befall an individual at a moment's notice. Figuring out how to recover from these conditions can be expensive and stressful, especially when the injury or illness is so severe that it leaves an individual unable to live his or her normal life. This is often the case with those who suffer brain injuries.

New study may change the way spinal cord injuries are treated

Far too many individuals who are injured in car accidents and workplace accidents are left with injuries that leave them utterly debilitated. Amongst these injuries are those that affect the brain and spinal cord. Fully recovering from these injuries is unlikely in most cases, and the rehabilitation process can be extremely expensive, tiring, and time-consuming. While this can be disheartening, advances in medical research and technologies may be creating more effective ways to treat these injuries.

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