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Two California construction workers injured in crash

As we have mentioned before on this blog, construction workers across California are often asked to put their safety on the line to better their communities by building roads, bridges and buildings. Although state laws and public service initiatives try to increase construction zone awareness and reduce speeds throughout construction areas, the fact of the matter is that many individuals continue to drive negligently in these areas, thereby putting construction workers in danger.

Workers' compensation appeal and reconsideration

Many California workers have been injured on the job. This can lead to financial hardship when wages cease and medical expenses accumulate. Fortunately, the workers' compensation system can provide financial relief, but only to those who qualify. Far too many Californians see their claims denied though, which means that they have to decide if they just want to eat their losses or if they want to appeal their claim denial in hopes of recovering the benefits they deserve.

We handle workers' compensation and third-party claims

Previously on this blog we discussed an instance where agricultural workers were harmed when they were exposed to pesticides that were being sprayed nearby. This case serves as an example of the dangerous conditions that can be thrust upon unsuspecting workers in California. Sometimes, in situations like the one discussed above, the risks could have been completely avoided. In other cases, though, the job itself is inherently dangerous, oftentimes resulting in workplace injuries.

How medical care is addressed through workers' compensation

Californians who are injured on the job may be happy to hear that they may qualify for workers' compensation benefits. However, there is often confusion about what, exactly, these benefits can cover. This week we hope to shed some light on how medical care is addressed through the workers' compensation system.

California workers injured when pesticide sprayed

A number of times on this blog we have discussed workplace injuries, the impact they can have on an individual's life, and how workers' compensation benefits can be helpful in helping him or her find financial stability while he or she focuses on reclaiming his or her health and getting back to work. Sometimes, though, workers' compensation isn't enough, and third-parties are responsible for a worker's injuries. When this is the case, an injured individual may be able to recover damages through both a workers' compensation claim and a personal injury lawsuit.

How can work-related back injuries be avoided?

Workplace injuries can arise from a number of circumstances. Some workers are hurt when they fall from scaffolding while others suffer injuries due to being pinned by machinery. Although there are a number of different types of workplace accidents and injuries, one of the most common types of harm suffered are back injuries.

Drunk driving accident leaves California state employee injured

On a daily basis, most Californians go to work to earn a living for themselves and their families. Sometimes, though, these individuals are injured on the job, which can throw them out of work for a significant period of time. When this happens, medical expenses and lost wages can take quite a toll. Although workers' compensation may be available to these individuals, those benefits don't always cover the full extent of one's losses. In instances where a third-party's negligence contributed to the accident, an injured worker may be able to pursue both workers' compensation and a personal injury claim in hopes of recovering compensation for the full extent of damages suffered.

Tesla accused of providing an unsafe work environment

Most people going to work every day are concerned about performing their duties to the best of their abilities so that they can continue to provide for their families. Very few workers are concerned about their workplace safety. This is usually because federal, state, and local regulations and laws require employers to take certain steps to ensure that their employees are kept as safe as possible. This may include providing adequate training, safety equipment, and maintaining all machinery in a safe condition.

Workers' compensation paying for fewer hospitalizations

Many Californians who are injured in a workplace accident wind up needing extensive medical care. They may need immediate hospitalization as well as long-term rehabilitation. Some of these individuals even suffer a disability that never fully heals. However, as time rolls on and federal, state, and local laws and regulations seek to reinforce workplace safety, workers may see less need for such extensive care.

Southern California company fined for safety violations

California's workers are protected by laws and regulations meant to ensure workplace safety. Unfortunately, employers often fail to adhere to these rules. When they fail to do so, they put their employees at risk of being seriously injured. Those who are unfortunate enough to suffer work-related injuries can also be subjected to significant financial losses. Medical care costs can be enormous, and lost wages from the time a worker is unable to return to work can leave him or her struggling to make ends meet.

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