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Do The Damages In My Case Reflect The Cost?

Well, let’s be clear, the costs of the case are completely separate and apart from the damages in a case. The costs in a case are the expenses that are incurred investigating and prosecuting a case such as a filing fee, the court reporter fee for depositions, fees that you might pay to expert consultants such as physicians or engineers, if they’re required in your case. Those are the costs of the case. The more expensive it is from a cost standpoint to prosecute a case the more significant the damages must be. You obviously can’t realistically commit to spend 50 or 60 thousand dollars in costs on a case where the damages are 100 thousand, because more often than not those costs are not recoverable. So, as a lawyer, one of our responsibilities is to commit the resources, which we need to commit the costs of a case to properly and fully develop it. But the costs have no relation to the damages other than the damages being somewhat of a limiter or a governor on what you can commit to a case.