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There are countless injury risks on construction sites and job sites. But one of the most common risks is injuries caused by dangerous or defective equipment. The hardworking men and women who use these tools and machines every day need to trust that the equipment is reasonably safe and effective when used correctly. Unfortunately, a significant number of workers are seriously injured or killed by defective equipment every year in California.

If you were hurt on the job or lost a loved one because of defective equipment or tools, the lawyers at Padilla Law Group, LLP, can help you pursue compensation through litigation (in addition to any work injury benefits you claim). We are highly skilled at assessing the causes of job site accidents and identifying third parties who may have been responsible for your injuries.

Certain Lawsuits Not Barred By Workers’ Compensation Laws

In California, workers’ compensation is considered the “exclusive remedy” for workplace injuries. This means that, with few exceptions, employers who offer workers’ compensation insurance benefits are protected against employee injury lawsuits.

While you cannot sue your employer, you can pursue litigation against any third parties who caused or contributed to your workplace injuries. On job sites, injuries caused by faulty equipment and tools are common.

How Were You Injured?

Our experienced attorneys will investigate your accident to determine which third parties may share blame for your injuries. Examples of defective equipment and tool injuries include:

  • Unshielded or ungrounded power tools that short and cause electric shocks
  • Power saws and other bladed tools with missing or flimsy blade guards, leading to cuts and lost fingers
  • Pneumatic tools that jam, causing a dangerous pressure buildup and potential explosion
  • Ladders and scaffolding that collapse because they are missing locking pins and other stabilization features
  • Forklifts, trucks and other vehicles with faulty parts that increase the risk of accidents

These are just a few of countless examples of product defects that could lead to serious injuries on the job site.

Assessing Who Is Liable For Equipment Failure

If the tool or equipment that caused your injuries had a manufacturing or design defect, the original manufacturer would bear liability for the resulting injuries. Liability in equipment accidents that occur due to lack of maintenance and repair may be trickier to determine.

If your employer or a coworker (of the same employer) was responsible for inspecting and maintaining/repairing the equipment, you may not have cause for a third-party liability action. If the equipment was the responsibility of a subcontractor or a party other than your direct employer, however, that party can be held liable in litigation. Our attorneys will fully investigate the cause of your accident and who was to blame. Then, we will help you pursue full and fair compensation for your injuries.

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