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Was Your On-The-Job Accident Caused By A Third Party?

If you were injured at work, your workers’ compensation case may soon be underway. With no need to prove that your employer did anything wrong, your medical expenses should be covered , but you may soon realize that your total losses are likely greater than what your benefits will provide for. Furthermore, these benefits do not compensate you for pain and suffering. To understand these realities and discuss all your options for pursuing financial relief, consult with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Padilla Law Group has a strong track record in all types of injury claims and lawsuits, including workplace accident cases. The sooner we have the chance to investigate your accident, the greater opportunities we may be able to offer you to recover benefits and compensation from all relevant sources.

How We Will Go About Helping You Maximize Your Recovery

If you wait too long to get legal advice, whoever is in charge of the work site may alter the scene where you were hurt. Valuable evidence about the cause(s) may be hard to find. However, if you bring us on board promptly, we can uncover the truth before it is too late to do a complete investigation.

We may discover that your accident happened because of one of the following:

  • A faulty ceiling, floor or other structure
  • Defective stairs, handrails or flooring
  • Defective or missing lighting, shut-off valves or machine guards
  • A delivery driver’s error
  • A repair service or inspection omission
  • Unsafe worksite conditions in a construction site area under the supervision of a subcontractor

If you act soon enough, the liable third party, such as a subcontractor, installer, inspector, manufacturer or driver, may be held responsible to compensate you for your losses, including pain and suffering. If we represent you, we will fight to make sure that your total financial recovery is ample and appropriate.

We Are Here To Be On Your Side

If we are your advocates, you will not have to wonder whether your employer or the workers’ compensation insurer is honoring your legal rights to the financial recovery you are eligible for or whether you could also file a personal injury claim after being injured on the job.

We are ready to evaluate your case and offer rays of hope at this difficult time. You can focus on physical therapy and on getting your life back on track while we take care of legal matters. Contact Padilla Law Group by phone at 760-536-4415 or complete our online inquiry form to schedule a consultation at your convenience.