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Encinitas, California, Bus, Train And Trolley Accident Lawyer

When you board, ride or exit a public transportation vehicle, you expect California safety regulations to be followed. Too often, drivers and operators are untrained and, worse, uncaring. Every year, hundreds of accidents occur involving public transportation in the San Diego metropolitan area. When they do, people turn to Padilla Law Group, LLP, for help.

Taxi Crashes · San Diego Metro Transit Bus Injuries · Train Wrecks · Trolley Accidents

Our lawyers have been helping injured parties obtain just compensation for their injuries for decades. We work with independent professionals, when necessary, and use our injury and wrongful death litigation experience to prepare the strongest case possible before negotiating a settlement or taking your case to trial.

Our Train And Bus Accident Lawyers In Encinitas Have Helped Numerous Clients

Backed by the highest levels of client service, we are committed to pursuing maximum financial damages for medical care, lost earnings, pain and suffering. Call us to discuss your bus, cab, trolley or train accident occurring anywhere in the San Diego area. Call 858-481-5454 or contact our offices by email.