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Uninsured drivers and the aftermath of a collision

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2020 | Car Accidents

The aftermath of a car accident may be more difficult if the other driver does not have insurance. When drivers find themselves in this situation, they should know how to proceed.

In a small fender bender, people might not care if the other driver has insurance. According to, collisions with uninsured drivers become difficult when a vehicle sustains damage. People may not realize that their vehicle has serious structural damage until they go to the mechanic. These repairs can be quite expensive.

What if the driver offers cash?

When a car sustains damage, the other driver may sometimes offer cash if he or she does not have insurance. Some drivers may see this as an acceptable solution. However, if a car needs extensive repairs, the cash may not cover all the costs. Additionally, people may not realize until later that they incurred an injury during the collision. In this situation, people may have to pay for medical expenses as well as vehicle repairs.

What should drivers do?

People should take certain steps after the accident occurs. According to American Family Insurance, people should exchange contact information with the uninsured driver. They should also write down the make and model of the other car, as well as the license plate number. Additionally, drivers should speak to people who witnessed the crash and get contact information for them as well.

Drivers should take pictures of the accident. These photos should demonstrate which direction the cars were going and what kind of damage each vehicle sustained. People may want to call law enforcement so they have an accident report. This may make it easier for them to get compensation for their car repairs and medical expenses.