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Encinitas Lawyers For Job Site Accidents

Padilla Law Group, LLP, in Encinitas, California, represent individuals who have suffered injury, or families who have lost a loved one, in accidents on job sites.

In most cases, injured workers and their families are covered by California workers’ compensation offered through their employer’s insurance company. Our lawyers can help you secure your workers’ compensation benefits, but we can take your case to the litigation level, as well.

Third-Party Work Injury Claims

Under California workers’ compensation laws, when injured workers apply for benefits, the employer is relieved of further liability for negligence damages, except under very specific circumstances. However, there may be other negligent parties who directly contributed to the cause of the accident or the severity of the injuries, such as the manufacturer of defective tools or equipment or a job site owner who created unsafe conditions.

We call these “third parties” because they are neither the claimant nor the employer. Injured workers often have the option of suing one or more negligent third parties for additional financial damages, over and above the workers’ compensation wage and medical benefits. Third-party claims, in fact, are the only way for an injured worker to receive any compensation for pain and suffering associated with the injuries.

Injured In A Work-Related Accident? Our Encinitas Attorneys Are Here To Help.

If you were injured at work in the San Diego metropolitan area, call our offices in Encinitas to speak with one of our attorneys. We offer a free consultation to review your case and explain your legal options.

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