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Michael Padilla Interview

What does a personal injury lawyer do? We do a lot of things but primarily in the field of personal injury when a client comes to us we investigate, evaluate and prosecute …. claims that are appropriate. Are there guidelines to know whether a case will be able to stand up in a court of […]

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Is going to the emergency room necessary after an accident?

Well first let’s distinguish between what medical needs are and what I as a lawyer would like to see when I am interviewing a client post accident. From the medical stand point you want to get medical attention you believe you reasonably require as soon as possible after an accident. If you have symptoms that […]

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What if the attorney advertises for many different fields of law?

Well that would concern me, if I’m looking for a personal injury lawyer I would not want to go to a generalist. Perhaps inside a firm that advertises multiple areas there might be a personality that can well represent you. But you’re generally going to be better served with a firm that does personal injury […]

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Is it important to know how long a firm has been practicing law?

It’s a consideration, but it is certainly not the overriding factor the more important considerations are if you have a firm that’s been around a number of years, established it’s self in the area of law, the more likely you’re going to get an attorney who’s going to be able to bring to your case […]

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How should I select a lawyer for an accident injury case?

A good personal reference is always the best. Short of that you should do your homework do your investigation, your evaluation of your lawyer. You want someone who has a track record of success, practices regularly in the area of law involved with your particular injury case; if it’s a motor vehicle case, products case, […]

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Do the damages in my case reflect the cost?

Well, lets be clear, the costs of the case are completely separate and apart from the damages in a case. The costs in a case are the expenses that are incurred investigating and prosecuting a case such as a filing fee, the court reporter fee for depositions, fees that you might pay to expert consultants […]

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When should a claim go to small claims court instead of a personal injury attorney?

Those are basically your smaller injury cases, where you have minor insignificant injury’s, fairly short term consequences from a stand point of disability. We’re talking about weeks or months there’s no significant economic loss in the way of medical bills or wage loss those cases are best addressed in the small claims venue.

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What if I can’t afford an attorney for my injury case?

Well in the field of personal injury affordability is not an issue. Because uniformly all the lawyers who practice in that area, this firm included, we handle these cases on a contingency. So if there’s no recovery, then there’s no fee owed.

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Are there guidelines to know whether a case will be able to stand up in a court of law?

Well guidelines in the legal world refer to the elements of a cause of action. In a motor vehicle case, it’s the negligence of the other driver has to be shown, you have to show that the negligence caused injury, and then you have to define what that injury is, what the elements of harm […]

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