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If you’ve been injured in an accident, you likely have many questions. Our California personal injury attorneys have the answers you need. Here are some questions we get asked a lot.

Who will pay my medical bills?

It’s not a pay-as-you-go system. The insurance company does one lump settlement once you are done receiving treatment for your injuries or are ready to settle your case. Because of this, you may want to go through our own insurance company to have medical bills paid in the interim.

Will my rates go up if I use my Uninsured Motorist (UM) Or Underinsured Motorist (UIM) coverage?

No. Insurance companies raising your insurance rates when you use your UM or UIM coverage goes against the state of California insurance code. Insurance companies are not allowed to increase your premium unless you are found to be more than 50% at fault for the collision.

Can I get some money now and some later?

No. When you sign a settlement for an injury case, that is the end of your case. So, don’t sign anything with the other insurance company for your injury claim because that will close your claim, and you won’t be able to make another claim later. Don’t sign anything from the other side before speaking with an attorney. This includes not signing medical liens for treatment and to pay medical bills. Additionally, you should also get legal advice before signing any settlements for UM/UIM claims with your own insurance company. We strongly recommend you avoid signing anything without talking with an attorney first.

Should I take pictures of the scene?

Yes. Any photos or documentation you can obtain early on will help your case. Getting timely photos can be especially important in cases like slip-and-falls, where photos may be able to show spills or faulty conditions of walkways and aisles. Waiting to take the photos can give property managers or owners time to clean up the area or fix problems so that the evidence is no longer present to prove your case.

What is my case worth?

Your case value will be determined once we know how extensive your injuries are. Will you need surgery later? Will this affect your ability to work? The full case value will also consider how your quality of life has been impacted and whether this will continue into the future. Every case is unique.

What factors go into valuing an injury case?

Though several factors will be involved in your case valuation, there are two factors that are most important: your “economic” losses – which include medical expenses and lost wages, and how the injuries will impact your working life and personal life going forward, often described as “non-economic” damages. Our experienced personal injury lawyers can help manage your case and negotiate with the insurance company to make sure all the important factors are considered before any settlement is agreed upon.

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