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Photos to take at a car accident scene

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2024 | Personal Injury

Capturing photos at the scene of a car accident can be important for documenting the event accurately.

Not only can these photos help insurance companies assess the damage, but they can also provide valuable evidence if there are disputes about what happened.

Capture the overall scene

Start by taking wide-angle shots of the entire car accident scene. This will provide context and help viewers understand the layout of the area. Capture images of the road surface, including any potholes, debris or uneven pavement. Look for and take photos of any skid marks on the road from different angles, as they can indicate the speed and direction of the vehicles involved.

Document nearby traffic signs, signals or road markings. Photograph the weather conditions at the time of the accident that may have contributed to the incident. Capture the license plates of all the vehicles involved to help identify the vehicles and their owners later on.

Photograph damages

Take close-up photos of the damage sustained by each vehicle involved. Capture multiple angles to fully document the extent of the damage. Document any personal belongings or items that received damage in the accident, such as cell phones, clothing or bags.

An estimated 19,515 people died in car accidents in 2023, and these scenes can be dangerous. However, if it is safe to do so, take photos of any injuries sustained by those involved in the accident. Respect their privacy and only take photos with their consent.

Get evidence of witnesses and their vehicles

If there are witnesses to the accident, photograph them and their vehicles. This can help corroborate their statements later on.

Remember, when taking photos at a car accident scene, always prioritize safety. Stay out of the way of emergency responders and avoid interfering with their work.