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What makes uninsured motorist coverage important?

If you get hit by a driver who does not carry automobile liability insurance, you will feel glad you have uninsured motorist coverage. Even if securing coverage from your insurer proves challenging for you, the effort is well worth it because not possessing uninsured coverage could put you at risk from financial devastation.

Some drivers feel tempted to pass up uninsured coverage to save money, figuring their health insurance is enough to assist them after a crash. As Nerdwallet explains, uninsured coverage may still be essential in this scenario and in others where you get hurt by an uninsured motorist.

Supplementing your insurance

Keep in mind that there is no guarantee your health insurance will pay for all of your treatment expenses stemming from an auto accident. For instance, you may require plastic surgery plus long term care and rehabilitation, but your policy may not cover them. You should also factor in copays and deductibles as expenses. Uninsured coverage can help cover some of these costs.

Possible coverage of hit and run accidents

There is a chance that a motorist who collides with you may drive away from the accident scene before talking to you. You might have no chance to get any identifying information on the other driver, so you probably won’t be able to collect from the other driver’s insurance company. In this scenario, your uninsured coverage policy might kick in and cover your expenses.

Paying when the other driver cannot

If you suffer injures from an uninsured driver, you might consider litigating the other driver for damages. However, people who do not carry auto insurance generally do not have a lot of assets. Even if you won a verdict, the other driver probably could not pay you. With uninsured coverage, you might have a way to cover your bills and not worry about a court judgment that cannot help you.