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What should you do if you are injured on a construction site?

As an employee in the construction industry, you are likely familiar with the hazards of your job. Falls, electrical mishaps and other dangers are common concerns.

According to the Center for Construction Research and Training, construction injury rates are 29% higher than all industries combined. Even though you follow the correct safety guidelines, you should still understand what to do if an accident occurs.

Get medical help

Immediately after an accident, you should seek help from a medical professional. A doctor can determine the extent of your injuries and makes treatment recommendations. Even minor pains need medical attention. Without treatment, small injuries are a risk to your health and may prevent your safe return to work.

Document the accident

Once you are safe, you should document the accident, take pictures of your injuries and collect witness accounts. This step will make the reporting process easier.

Know the reporting requirements

Under California law, you have 30 days to report an injury to your employer. If you plan to seek workers’ compensation, you must initiate the process with your employer within one year. Third-party lawsuits have additional reporting requirements.

Understand your legal remedies

You have two primary legal remedies for construction-related injuries in California. Workers’ compensation may cover your medical costs and provide disability and other benefits.

If you choose not to pursue workers’ compensation benefits, you have the option to file a lawsuit against your employer. Whichever remedy you seek, the right legal approach can help you receive the compensation you deserve.