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How dangerous is working on a scaffold?

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2022 | Construction Site Accidents

While on a construction site, you may go about your job without thinking about what incidents or accidents could happen. When an injury does occur, there could be multiple causes and reasons why.

Negligence from other workers and a lack of preparation from those in charge can leave you at risk. Knowing more about why scaffolds are dangerous can help you if you are suffering from pain and injuries.

No inspections

According to the United States Department of Labor, every scaffold should go through an inspection by a competent person before anyone else uses it. Once you walk onto the scaffold, if there is a rusted screw or a loose board, it could fall down and leave you with a head or spine injury.

The scaffold should also be securely attached to the side of whatever building you are working on. Bad weather or strong winds can also endanger you if the platforms are not properly built and checked.

Lack of fall protection equipment

Your workplace should offer protection while working on a scaffold, which includes helmets and harnesses. If you trip or fall, these items should prevent you from getting a serious injury. However, a workplace that does not give you these pieces of equipment or refuses to put up guardrails is breaking safety rules.

Mistakes from coworkers

When walking on a platform, you may struggle to balance or hold what tools you have in your hands. One of your coworkers leaving items in your way can lead to you tripping and falling off of a scaffold.

Although you may need a way to work several feet above the ground, you should stay aware of how scaffolds can lead to back or head injuries.