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Lowering your risk of injury on a construction site

Working in the construction industry requires significant stamina and physical ableness. You will experience a harsher work environment than many other professionals do on a daily basis.

Knowing some ways to minimize your injury risk can help you stay safer and work more productively.


Many construction jobs will involve heights, heavy machinery and lots of noise that might interfere with communication. You can prevent a fair amount of danger when you stay alert and sober. Never go to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs that make you drowsy. Minimize distractions and communicate with the people around you.


Most construction companies have safety protocols for employees. Participate in safety training. Follow guidelines for personal protective equipment. Wear a helmet, sturdy boots, eye protection and a harness, as needed. Follow tag-out procedures and promptly report any safety concerns you notice.


The more familiar you are with the risks of your job, the better equipped you will be to protect yourself. According to U.S. News, construction jobs require heavy lifting, agility and exposure to hazardous materials. You could also need to operate heavy machinery in confined spaces or precarious positions.

Always work cautiously and thoroughly to prevent unnecessary danger. If you have concerns about the methods your employer uses to protect you, you may choose to file a complaint. Construction injuries can have life-altering consequences. You deserve to work in an environment that prioritizes safety and gives you ample resources to protect yourself from danger. In extreme circumstances where you suffer an injury, you may consider taking legal action.