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Rideshare accidents: 3 reasons they happen

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Personal Injury

Rideshare services remain a popular method of getting around for those who do not have their own vehicles or who are unable to drive. They offer a convenient method for stranded individuals that is available at the touch of a phone screen.

As commonly used as they are, the majority of rideshare rides actually end without an accident. However, rideshare drivers remain vulnerable to wrecks like any other driver, and certain causes contribute to the likelihood of one occurring.

1. The drivers lack familiarity with professional driving and routes

Rideshare drivers are not professional drivers with training and special licenses. This means they may not know how to handle all situations and may display carelessness at times. They may also find themselves in unfamiliar areas as they drive around looking for the people they need to pick up or trying to deliver them, which can make safe driving harder.

2. The drivers suffer from exhaustion

Many rideshare drivers are not full-time ones. They have other jobs and gigs. Even those who are full-time drivers may find themselves overworked as they try to maximize their profits by taking on as much work as possible. Navigating the streets while tired can contribute to the chances of having a wreck.

3. The drivers must face extra distractions

Distracted driving is well-known to be hazardous. Rideshare drivers are subject to many distractions, from constantly looking at a map to trying to socialize with and keep passengers satisfied.

Individuals injured in a rideshare accident may have the right to pursue compensation. Depending on the circumstances of the wreck, this may be from the rideshare company or the driver.